8 ordinary people can not distinguish from celebrities

Each of us is unique, but nature is amazing sometimes amazing coincidences. Some scientists even claim that each of us has seven doubles.

We are in Site found you 8 gorgeous similarities of ordinary people with celebrities.

Mara Teigen and Angelina Jolie

The young American model Mara Teigen is strikingly similar to actress angelina Jolie, which is called the most beautiful female celebrity. Mara is also rapidly gaining popularity in the fashion world and perhaps largely due to this similarity.

Ellinor Hellborg and Adele

Ellinor Hellborg 23 years, she lives in Sweden and works as a makeup artist. But also it is like two drops of water similar to British singer Adele. Some of the pictures Ellinor in her account in Instagram to distinguish from Adele is simply impossible.

Michael hixon and Zac Efron

At the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro last year, actor Zac Efron accidentally collided with 22-year-old champion in diving Michael Hixon. So, how can you not be surprised if you see like yourself?

Max Kessler and Adam Sandler

23-year-old Max Kessler once saw that the hero Adam Sandler in the new movie name is... Max Kessler. It surprised the young man twice, because he is incredibly similar to the famous actor. Max kept his head and posted in social networks your photo with the caption that he is the real Max Kessler. The actor took this comic duel, and even met max in person.

Nicholas of the Placenta and Daniel Radcliffe

A resident of Krasnoyarsk Nikolay Afterbirth surprised everyone with his truly magical resemblance to Daniel Radcliffe as recently as January of this year. But now the number of subscribers is measured in thousands. Although, of course, many of them complain that the double Harry Potter, unfortunately, there is no scar.

Josie, Martin and kit Harington

American Josie Martin became popular on the Internet due to the fact that's incredibly similar to Jon snow, played by kit Harington in the TV series "Game of thrones".

Elena Peric and Kim Kardashian

24-year-old Elena Peric lives in Croatia and works as a makeup artist and also the girl soon will be typed as many as 1 million followers on Instagram. Of course, it's not 90 million followers of Kim Kardashian, but the popularity of Helena can be the envy of many stars.

Pauline Ferrand-Prevost and Kate Middleton

Many girls since childhood, want to be like princesses. French cyclist Pauline Ferrand-Prevost in this sense, perhaps, were more fortunate of all — her resemblance to the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is simply impossible to deny.

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