Look at that invented this handy man to get rid of the snow on the roof. That's the trick!

The snowfall is always a nuisance. Shortness of traffic on the roads, the increase in the number of accidents, injuries and endless snow littered the house — all consequences of the winter weather.

Did you know that 1 cubic meter of snow weighs about 750 kg? Just imagine what the load must withstand the roof of your house during a heavy snowfall! Layers of snow can melt and overlap, which leads to the deterioration of the roof. To avoid such troubles, you must know how to remove snow from the roof yourself.

Fortunately, the editors of the"Site" found a few simple tricks that will help you safely to get rid of the pesky snow drifts on the roof in record time!

How to remove snow from the roof
  1. This method is extremely simple: you will need a rope and a little perseverance!
  2. There are special tools for cleaning the roof of snow. You can buy such a thing in the store, and you can make a snow blower with their hands from a usual chopper. The chopper blade must be closed with a plastic or wooden plate. Next, you should extend the handle with aluminum tube or a long enough wooden stick. This tool gently to hook the layers of snow and contractible in itself.

    Important! Observe safety rules and stay enough away that you are not covered with snow.

  3. Such a tool can also make with your own hands. All you need is steel wire, PVC canvas or heavy cloth.
  4. There is another way of getting rid of snow is heating the roof. But this method is not suitable for all roof types. Some decks can just burst from the drop in temperature.

Share these tricks with your friends to snowy weather brings only the joy and wonderful mood!

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