New face for Connie Culp

Today, Connie Culp already enjoys the fact that she could make up her lips with lipstick - because before surgery face transplant, which was performed in 2008, any makeup for her was impossible. Her upper lip, nose, palate, eyes and cheeks were destroyed by the fact that her husband, Tom, in a fit of sudden fury shot at her face.

A native Ogayon Connie Culp 48 years old, she became the first patient who underwent a full face transplant in the United States, and now she says that is domestic violence, and through the horror she had to pass through the fault of the man whom she claims she still loves.
The other day it pyatidesyatidvuhletny husband was released from prison, where he spent seven years.

Connie Culp before and after the operation.

It looked like the profile of Miss Culp before surgery face transplant, and this is how it looks today.

Describing the moment in which her life is changed forever, Miss Culp says: "I remember everything. That's what the doctors are not able to believe it.
"I remember he picked up a gun, he told me, and he fired. This memory will never leave me, it will stay with me for a lifetime. This is the moment when everything changed forever ».
As a result of the disaster that occurred in 2004, Ms. Culp almost completely blind.
Ms. Culp says that her husband was no stranger to domestic violence. "He beat me a couple of times before. He tried to intimidate me ».
But despite the fact that the woman did to her ex-husband, Connie says she still loves him.
"I probably will always love him, because he is the father of my children. But to stay with him, I can not, "she admitted.

So Miss Culp appeared before the accident, which occurred in 2004.
Just recently a woman dared to enter the bar, which was owned by her and her husband, in which the tragedy occurred.
"He was jealous of me all the time because I had to communicate with customers. Do not think that only men I talked with women, too, with female visitors and collaborators, and to them he was jealous of me too. " According to his wife, Culp repeatedly broke and broke things in fits of uncontrollable rage.
After he was shot point blank in the face of his wife, Tom Culp shoved the barrel in his mouth and fired. After receiving a severe wound, he, nevertheless, survived, as his wife.
According to the woman, the husband did not admit his guilt, he was constantly utvrezhdaet that it provoked.
After the crash, which happened in 2004, children, Connie, thirty son Steven and daughter Alicia twenty-eight did not depart from the mother, which for months has remained at the hospital - the doctors tried unsuccessfully to restore the disfigured face.

Although the woman is very bad spots, it does not leave the house without make-up - it helps her feel more confident.

Ms. Culp next to the bar in Houpdeyle, Ohio, where the tragedy occurred.

In this photo, stylized 1920s, Mrs. Culp sits on a piano surrounded by his children, Alicia and Stephen, and her husband Tom naparvlyaet her gun.

It looked like a skull Miss Culp before surgery, and began to look after.

Ms. Culp, her daughter Alicia and four Miss Culp grandson Maddox.

Ms. Culp plays with his grandson Maddox.

Although Miss Culp still walks with a cane, but she tries as much as possible to spend more time with his grandson outdoors.

Left: Miss Culp and Chad Gordon surgeon after the operation in 2008. Right: Ms. Culp and Chad Gordon in 2011.

All these pills Miss Culp is now forced to take daily, to avoid rejection.
Unbelievable - but husband even dared to reproach them a wounded woman, that she testified against him in the police. "I would have never passed!", He argued. What Connie said that would never shoot him.
In 2008, Connie Culp in October, underwent surgery face transplant at the hospital in Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Chad Gordon, one of eight surgeons who participated in the procedure, said that the main problem was to find a donor of the same age and of the same blood group. In the end, it was the woman who died of a heart attack. Doctors warned Connie that the operation could go badly, because it was extremely risky.
A team of doctors led by Dr. Maria Semenova spent on the operating table for more than 20 hours, and as a result, Connie Culp received a new face.


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