How to really dress up the girl in different countries around the world

Our life is full of stereotypes, but we Website we love to debunk myths. For example, in the world of fashion: we are accustomed to consider that in Eastern countries women wear only black robes that French women walk the streets in berets, with a baguette under my arm, and Italians not a day spend without shopping and outfits from couture.

We invite you to fashion travel on the planet right now, and who knows, maybe this article will inspire you to adventure, to be sure of the veracity of our investigation.


Although in Iran there is a law obliging all women to wear the headscarf, in comparison with other Eastern countries, fashionable women in this country granted some freedom when choosing clothes. Often get stunning images with an Oriental flavor.


Yes, some Japanese women love short skirts, cartoon images and high platform, but dress only representatives of subcultures. Most girls prefer elegant images with charming details that make their style unique: they love nice socks, straight silhouettes, beautiful accessories.


Chic Parisian style is simple, concise and stylish images. Base with accents hooligan combination, no screaming logos and frills, and a bit of negligence and you a real Parisian!


Not all Italians dress up in bright designer dresses and massive decorations β€” perhaps this can be seen only at fashion shows or on wealthy women. In General, the inhabitant of the Apennine Peninsula dress in according to age: young people prefer casual, but with age, the style is becoming more elegant. Even in retirement, a woman in Italy does not cease to be a woman: always watching them and updates closet.


Russian girls are renowned worldwide for their beauty: first, it played the role of the ethnic diversity of the country, and second, Russians really love to take care of yourself and look at 100. Feminine samples in combination with heels can often be found on the streets even in the cold season. In recent times, residents of Metropolitan areas more often choose comfort and ease in the clothes, but not deprived of his images of style and zest.


I think the Brits day-to-day wear the classic coat, coats, diluting the images of strict cage? As it is not so! Here are able to combine incongruous, to experiment with style, to add to the cool accents. Women are ahead of the fashion world and don't care about trends, because trends are born here and then "gentrify" in other fashion capitals of the world.


Fashion in China is changing rapidly: more recently a resident of China was a crazy Shopaholic who flies off the shelves all the best, and now the Chinese formed their own style. Ladies adore clothing with logos, bright accents, jewelry, not afraid to experiment and find something different.

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