How to establish relationship with children: the technique of "the Perfect child"

Some parents carry the ideals that their child should perform. That is what prevents them to see and accept the child such what he is.

Psychodrama helps to identify such a perfect child. This will allow parents to establish a relationship with the child and get rid of his fantasies. And people who have no children will have the opportunity to work with their fantasies.

The purpose of engineering "the Perfect child" — to help to establish a relationship with your own child.


Prepare a pen and paper.

1. Participants need to close their eyes and appeal to their fantasies about the ideal child, is invited to look at it from all sides, smell it, touch it and listen to the sounds he makes.

2. Next, the participants describe in detail or draw the imaginary child and short words describe his character, who and what a child will become in the future.

3. Then you need to briefly describe what they would like to do with a perfect child.

4. After the participants (in pairs) together to discuss the details of the perfect child, as if it exists in reality, describe his appearance, his personality and his importance to the party.

5. Guide psychodrama with the "perfect child". Use the empty chair, or let somebody else play his role.

6. In each role, you can use the interview. Before the session ends, discuss the experience.

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Unhappy daughter of a perfect mother


The proposed technique helps to understand the participants that don't want to have real children or someone else to become the epitome of imagination.published


Author: Elena Kudina


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