The Russian scientists propose to extend the day with the orbiting of the sun

Orbital lighting system of the Earth, the sunlight suggested by RSC Energia. This will increase the duration of daylight and make safe a range of luminous flux, said the report said specialists of the Corporation, which will be presented at the Academic readings on cosmonautics.

"They (the orbital system of earth's surface lighting – approx. Iodine) is built on the basis of spacecraft reflectors with reflectors in earth orbit," – said in the report.

The report will consider the issues of operation of such satellites, the safety of their operation, the spectrum of radiation reflected from different metal coatings, which is proposed to cover the "mirror" of the spacecraft.

Also, scientists suggest in the light of the Earth reflected sunlight to reduce the amount of reflected ultraviolet radiation and blue light, so as not to disturb the biological reactions in living organisms, accustomed to the darkness at night. published

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