Of - of what occurs plug (5 photos)

About how just two cars caused traffic jam.

At this point, three bands Lenigradki expand (and not narrow!) To five, the "bottleneck" in the opposite direction.
So why is this far reaching many kilometers tube?

Look at this place. The reason for congestion is immediately obvious. This two-car taxi.
Both are parked after the bus stop, and thus impede the movement of public transport.

Although at this point Leningradka extended from three to four (!) Bands, departing from the bus stop,
instead of going to the right lane, the movement closes at two bands.

All. Cork created. A dozen cars left out of the bus stop and begin to rebuild in the left lanes,
thereby impeding traffic across the road.
And then the road is clear.

To sum up: only two (!), The taxi driver who had taken refuge near the bus stop, there are many kilometers congestion.


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