These hilarious kids behave like adults

Looking at some of the kids just marvel at their behavior. Sometimes they are so hard to imitate adults, and want to ask them life advice! The website has collected reader photos of children who have not yet got rid of the nipple and diapers, but have realized that being an adult is cool.

This babe flirts so much better than me!

Hey, baby, you don't want me in the pool?

The girl obviously looks up to mom

Mom, I'd better go!

Still young, and already so posing

Hey, wait, let's talk!

Even in the bathroom irresistible

Why can't I look as cool in a robe?

Surely, he already has a job and buys juice for its money, with such expression...

Even this little guy has a cool girlfriend

Well, sit down, tell us a little about yourself

Small rapper

Cat is clearly not happy, but suffers

Hey, you're not my mom!

But if I drop the picture, then they'll call me inept...

Here's how to meet girls!

And not have to pay for a place

It's hard to be offended by this cutie!

Clear guy!

Mom, I told you that I would not mashed potatoes...



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