How to grow tomatoes without seedlings

How much work must be expended to grow on the window of the apartment seedlings. Now I switched to nonseedlings method of tomato cultivation.

In a small hothouse cucumbers after in the fall to prepare the soil, add humus and wood ash.

Tomato seeds sow April 18-22, under the triple protection from the cold:

1. turned upside down cut a plastic bottle,

2. she was lutrasil.

3. The third protection is itself a greenhouse out of old window frames.

Fifty five million five hundred fifty five thousand four hundred ninety

Sow dwarf Pink variety leader, which is designed for open ground.

Strong frosts (below -5) at this time we have practically not happen. Tomatoes grow well.

Care regular: weekly watering, once every 7 days, feeding with infusion of herbs and humus.

By the end of August on plants Pink leader is 20-30% ripe fruit. About the same results show grown tomatoes in another greenhouse seedling method.

Twenty three million six hundred thirty four thousand one hundred ninety six

Especially struck me was that the difference was different: nonseedlings bushes of tomatoes looked stocky stems, they have been three times thicker, had a thicker"double" leaves, and most importantly – gave higher yield.


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A good harvest I got without the hassle associated with the cultivation and transport of seedlings.published 


Author: Alexander Lugovoi




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