GAC Motor unveils electric supercar EnLight

One of the leading Chinese car manufacturers, GAC Motor, presented a rather interesting concept EnLight electric supercar at the recent international automobile exhibition in Guangzhou.

Electric concept car is a novelty for the company and "a new milestone on a continuous journey of innovation of the company ." In addition to a very fashionable and attractive doors-the butterflies, the concept of EnLight equipped with 4 wheels with independent drive (motors are in the wheels) and the autopilot.

The President of GAC Motor, Zeng quinghong, commented: "EnLight is a visionary concept car that represents the highest level of independent research and development, GAC Motor, as well as our unprecedented technological capabilities, which will also provide GAC Motor strong support of advanced development of the automotive industry through innovation and creativity."

In a recent press release reported: "According to Zeng, on the basis of the supercar EnLight, the scientific division of the GAC Automotive Engineering Institute will continue investigations in promising areas , such as chassis systems new electric cars, graphene materials, and even virtual reality device ".

It is also worth noting that GAC Motor plans to launch 20-30 new models in the next 5 years, 3 of which are expected to be models of "new energy" (new energy) — plug-in hybrids, apparently, not hydrogen fuel cell.




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