Every meeting is a challenge...

People come in your life time, what they to you included with good or with evil. And in that and in other case they help you master your power, the light side and the dark.



If you are able to look at each meeting as to the challenge of forceyou are able to learn a lot, because the power requires skill to control it and not to succumb to her temptations. If you consider every such meeting as desired or hated — strength becomes your master, and you are not its ruler.


Direct knowledge of the laws of life in this universe is sealed in the body (genes, DNA)

Access to this knowledge opens in three cases:

  • when life is threatened,
  • in the purification of consciousness from all the debris that we have accumulated over my life (unfinished gestalts, outdated social programs)
  • open scientists focused on studying and solving specific scientific problems.
This knowledge is not intellectual information. We can interpret it with intellect, but thoughts is not knowledge, but a form of expression of this knowledge.


People with a sick raised from self cause I have a strong tension, so I try to stay away from them. For me, sick is different from low self-esteem that when a person has low self-esteem, he is suffering, but not suffering. And when the patient has a mind and soul torn into a thousand nuclear prickly hedgehogs, when someone's word or action gets in his wounds. And that's why he's very dangerous.

And you never know what your word or action can get into his wounds, just seeing that man is very vulnerable, touchy, thin, stretched, like a string, and it is better to stay away from him, and then inadvertently step on a mine, and may even be on the bomb, which will explode after you decided that your words and actions the other person is well taken.


If you support human feeding to you love newtime, in that he continued to love you, you are, in fact, become a drug dealer selling to addict dose. It gives you the feeling of power over him, and he was — the illusion of hope for happiness in the distant future, when you come down off your pedestal.


The joy ends when it ends a drug: you have the patience to stand next to someone you don't like and his expectations, and he has the patience to wait, when you will love it. And all the pleasantness turns into mutual hatred.

In order not to get into such a situation, it is very important to be able to stop, not with power over others, and enticed his senses to you.

It's not you/so cool that you are so fond of. This man really needs love and is bending over backwards to please you and earn your love. And he loves NOT YOU, and your illusion that he's wearing. There's no true love, there is only passion and the desire to have both sides. Supporting this dangerous game, you corrupt and destroy his soul, and the soul of another. If you don't like people, but just like him — stay away from him, honestly telling him that between you there can not be reciprocity, and none of you anything else should not. And don't touch him, leave him alone. If you think that your a great person brought into his dark life light and he should be glad that met you on your way — you arrogate to themselves the creative power that was in him before he met you. The energy level this behavior is called "eat someone else's energy". And, by the way, do not relax — he also eats your taking your time and attention. And this is mutual debauchery, not having any relation to love.


The desire to influence other people (their thoughts, feelings, needs and actions) is associated with a feeling of helplessness when a person is not able to meet their own needs and thinks, and wants to meet other people.

This person spends a lot of resources to learn manipulative techniques from simple algorithms "if you don't do that.." to the hypnotic art, and sooner or later finds himself in a manipulative network of relations, like a spider entangled in his own web, from fear of losing that imaginary power over others which he had found.
If you know how to make yourself happy, you don't need such efforts to hold power over other people.published

Author: Nina Rubstein


Source: rubstein.livejournal.com/1421666.html


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