7 skills that you should teach your child to grow up successful

Every parent wants his child to grow up successful and happy, so moms and dads spare no effort, time and money on their children's education. But if a good education is the key to a sustainable future?

Website found out that there are other equally important knowledge and skills that will help the child to overcome all difficulties on the way to great achievements.

This is one of the most important skills in the modern world is to instill in your child at an early age, because you won't always be there to come to the rescue. It is necessary to show that the opinion of the child is significant within the family. The kid should know that you hear and understand in conversation with him, to Express encouragement and interest, often use encouraging words and don't answer the children's questions sarcastic or categorically.

Children prefer to focus on what they are interested in at the moment, so try to make sessions with them not only useful, but fun. For example, teaching your child the letter, ask them to write letters not in the recipe, but chalk on a blackboard or on the pavement or sculpt them from clay. Do not forget that the behavior of parents is the best example: take a child a few minutes of your attention completely, no matter what distractions. Concentration in children training through Board games, drawing and doing puzzles. In addition, ask the child to notice interesting items during walks such as signs, cars of a certain color or model, the color, shape and texture of things.

The sooner the baby will learn to do some things yourself, the more confident he will feel in the future and the easier it will be to cope with school and other responsibilities, which as they Mature will become more and more. Encourage your child to dress themselves, tie shoelaces, pick up the toys, clean up what he spilled. Do not scold the children for the mistakes or awkwardness, be patient and don't forget about the praise. Gradually they will learn to do everything yourself in exactly the same way as he learned to walk and talk.

From an early age the kid has to explain that in society (at the Playground, in kindergarten, at school) there are certain rules, following which you can build good relationships with others. One such rule is the ability to collaborate and work in teams. Teaching children team work, in any case it is impossible to compare them with other children, this will only cause aggression. Instead, you should emphasize the importance of each child and upon completion of team tasks to compliment absolutely everyone.

Possession of at least two languages will not only give your child advantages in his future career, but also help to expand cultural horizons. After all, there's no better way to explore the culture of another country than the intercourse with its inhabitants their language.

With this skill the baby will be easier to achieve your goals, which will undoubtedly be useful to him in adult life. The basis of self-organization is the order of the day, you should make jointly with the child, gradually reducing their participation in the planning of the day (or week) as the child Matures and learns to manage their time. It is also necessary to strike a balance between the various responsibilities of children and their leisure. The child should be enough time for games, Hobbies and other desired classes, but the time should be regulated, for example, 3 hours after the homework.

The way the kid refers to the victories and failures, forms his self-image and defines his relationships with other people. It is often possible to observe such picture: children play, one of them loses and falls into a tantrum, parents urgently take him home. This pattern of behavior adversely affects the child's ability to resist life circumstances and hinder the development of a strong personality. Be sure to praise children for successes, but the losses do not ignore: try together to find the cause is the key to future victories. Do not forbid your child to abreact, provided that his actions will not cause disturbance to other people. And most importantly, let the child know that you love him and believe in him no matter what.

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