In England launched the world's largest cryogenic plant

The world's largest cryogenic plant put into operation in the vicinity of Manchester in the North of England.

As reported she is based on the principle of using cheap electricity at night for liquefying air, which is stored in cryogenic tanks and then heats and expands, entering the turbine and generating electricity supplied to the network.

This is a pilot project designed for future expansion. The capacity of cryogenic plants (KES) is 5 MW, enough to supply 5 thousand families for three hours.

The company that built this IES, Highview Power Storage, says that this scheme of power generation massturbate easy and used, along with alternative sources of energy, especially in solar and wind energy.

In 2015 alternative energy has supplied nearly 25 percent of Britain's electricity.

However, solar and wind power generating power evenly distributed, and the problem of preservation and storage of such energy is very acute. New KES is one of the possible solutions.

New KES built near an existing power plant in Pilsworth powered by methane coming from urban landfills. Turbine this power plant used to generate electricity, walking on the liquefaction of air to a temperature of minus 190 degrees and also to produce heat, which is used to warm up the liquefied air.

Expanding this liquefied air occupies a volume 700 times greater than in liquid form. This is sufficient for driving the air turbine.

A company representative said that the demonstration plant has proved in trials to be effective, and already developed projects of similar IES with the capacity of 1200 MW. published


Source: ecotechnology


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