Unusual wedding traditions

The most important celebration in the life of every person, probably a wedding. Different countries have their own customs of celebration. We want to tell you about the most impressive traditions of different peoples of the world.


For example, in Libya the wedding celebration lasts for 8 days. On day 6, the groom presents his bride gift basket, which includes a variety of fabrics and incense. The bride must have to look at all the gifts and some of her relative need to help them out.


In Kenya, a prerequisite for a wedding is the bride being pregnant. It is also interesting that after the wedding the husband 3 months to wear clothes of the couple to fully experience all of the hardships of the female's.


In Bali there is a ritual of sawing teeth. It is believed that sawed teeth, a person enters into adulthood. As the only daughter of the rasp teeth, her father no longer bears for it responsibility.


In Uzbekistan, the wedding night with the bride carry out her relatives, the husband gets only a second. But after marriage, the new husband must be with his wife for 40 days.

The Bedouins

Bedouins at the Bridal table is served fried camel. But it's not a simple dish, because the camel is stuffed with sheep, that in turn, chicken, chicken, fish, and fish eggs.


Girls Sahara are in trouble. Even at a young age her fed, as it is believed that the bigger the girl, the better she gets married.


The Tujia, who lives in China, a month before the wedding have to cry, more cry falls to the bride. First, the bride of 10 days, one crying, then the next 10 days with my mother, then crying with the relatives, and later they are joined by girlfriends. They say that if before the wedding the bride will pay enough, then all her life with her husband will be a happy and cloudless.

The Nicobar

In third place in the list of most unusual wedding traditions customs of the world are on the Nicobar Islands. Man here owes a whole month to do everything that you wish his bride.

Central Africa

The most brutal traditions of the tribes of Central Africa. After the ceremony the couple goes to the house where the bride starts to beat the husband. So it can take several nights before she will vent their hatred.


Before the wedding his bride Papuan should give 20 shells, 20 skins of pigs and birds of Paradise. In return for the marriage ceremony, the bride puts on the head of the stomach of the pig.


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