Honda will present concepti Neuv at CES 2017

Honda introduce a new concept of an Autonomous vehicle at the consumer electronics show (CES) in Las Vegas, where in January next year will be a review of the most intelligent vehicles in the world. The concept car Honda NeuV is positioned by the company as "harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and robotics to transform the mobility experience".

Also at CES 2017 will be presented concept Honda motorcycle, which, apparently, was mentioned in a recent speech the President of the company, Yoshiyuki Matsumoto. Then Matsumoto said, "will present a concept bike that will demonstrate the company's achievements in the field of robotics". Honda also promises to announce the collaboration with global brands and startups.

Honda promises to showcase "technology development" and "rethink mobility". NeuV will be equipped with system of artificial intelligence (AI), which the creators call the "emotion engine" because it "creates new opportunities for interaction between man and machine."

"The emotion engine" developed by SoftBank and Cocoro SB. In fact, he will give the car their own emotions, which will work like the alert system. So the car will be able to complain about fear at excessive speed, which will be a new way of interaction between man and car. published



Source: ecotechnology


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