How to save money on heating

The cold season has arrived, and with it the cost of keeping the house warmth and comfort. How to save money on heating without losing in comfort – a very important topic that we decided to touch on in our article.


External insulation

Additional insulation can be easily hidden with the help of design decisions – for example, fashionable in recent years, decorative panels, square or rectangular shapes. In this case, insulation will help you not only save on heating, but also to update the exterior, and also get rid of the various problems with excess moisture or too windy side.


A passive ventilation system

This house was built in the snowy cold regions and includes a "passive ventilation system" built into the floor. The system itself is nothing warm, but constantly moves warm air from the top, where he always seeks back to the feet, making the building significantly warmer at the same cost.


An integrated approach

This project is the work of the firm Andfujiizaki, which has developed a special system of floor heating throughout the area of the integrated Foundation, which allows not to use the standard heating system even in winter. And yet it implemented a system of "solar house" when the heat is taken due to the sunlight passing through panoramic Windows.



Heat wood-fired oven is very different from the warmth of "urban", created using gas, coal or electricity. Once protopic fireplace in the living room, you will receive an incredible atmosphere for the entire evening, which will allow you to feel warm and safe and do not add heat for more power. In the UK it was decided to have the fireplace in each bedroom, to melt them at night in addition to the main furnace.


Insulation of the floor

The first thing that freezes in the house is feet. If you insulate the floors with carpet or even a Mat, you will feel much more comfortable. This budget measure will help you to spend the same amount of heating, but feel significantly more comfortable, and sometimes even to save money (especially in the offseason).

The system "warm floor" can also be a great opportunity of saving on heating because it often happens that you are cold only in one room of the house, and in the other you feel comfortable, and to include additional Parking is necessary to the entire area. If you arrange a warm floor, for example, in the bathroom and in the kitchen will be able to generally save on heating.

In addition, you can think about the traditional carpets and soft furnishings with Underfloor heating.


Wall insulation

Within a particular design project you can insulate your walls from the inside professional insulating materials or decorative panels that can be made of wood, decorative and natural stone, textile and foam, plastic and even iron. Depending on the chosen style of interior design depends on the method and design of the insulation, but a professional designer will always find how to help you. This method is suitable not only for those who want to insulate the walls to save on heating, but also in the fight against the windward or wet walls.


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Landscape insulation

With the help of special green spaces and decorative designs, which will become the protection from the wind for your home, you can seriously reduce the damage caused to heat buildings gusty winds. Typically, it takes a great amount of heat is just a couple of hours.published




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