What misery! 5 mistakes in choosing clothes that are a disgrace to women.

Women in beautiful lingerie always look divine and make men crazy. But for some reason, we often pay a lot attention to regular clothes, but the selection of underwear we put on the backburner, and sometimes three. This is a very big mistake! It can spoil your entire image and degrade the opinions of others forever.

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Edition «Site» will tell you about the main mistakes in the selection of underwear and how to avoid them.

How to choose lingerie
  1. Enough to make of his priests caterpillar or bent sausage! Get rid of badly-fitting panties with a rough seam. The main thing in the choice of underwear — size. Your fifth point is less appealing, if the panties were a size or two smaller. It is best to choose a seamless and natural thin fabrics.
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  2. Also do not choose a bra that lifts your Boobs up to her chin. It looks mildly ridiculous and even disgusting. The bust needs to be outstanding, but in its place.
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  3. Another big mistake is to wear under light summer white pants or skirt white panties. Yes, it's better than having pink or purple... But they're still noticeable. It is better to choose skin color and smooth texture.
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  4. Don't wear under sheer blouses and sweaters bras that are radically different in color. Anothergolden rule transparent things need to pick up linen without embroidery and prints. Also don't wear a textured bra under tight-fitting jackets and shirts.
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  5. Queen of all errors — open back, which visible bra. If you have a small neat Breasts, can even wear. The main thing is the apparel fabric was thick and opaque. If you are the owner of magnificent forms, or you can't do without a bra, choose a bra-transformer or overhead cups without straps.
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And finally, one more important detail: even if your set of linens was reduced to two items — they certainly should be combined. But if they are from different sets, it is at least talking about your neglect of herself. After all, we women have to always be prepared.

Beauty is in the details! Be always at the highest level and share your tips with friends!

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