As invisible to the eye psoas muscle affects the whole body

Doing yoga at least a few years probably intuitively noticed that most rejuvenating effect is achieved by relaxation of the muscles of the lower back. Then the body becomes both softer and stronger. Details this phenomenon considering the therapist, the author of the book on the back muscles to Liz Koch.


In her opinion, psoas muscle, or scientifically the psoas is biologically reasonable fabric.

Why psoas muscle is important to health?


Lumbar muscles are located to the right and left of the spine, are the deepest muscles in the human body that affect balance, strength and flexibility, functionality of the movement other muscles and joints. The Psoas connects the spine with the legs involved in the process of walking, helps to maintain the upright position of the body. Connective tissue attaches muscle to the diaphragm, so the psoas also affects the breath, is responsible for the reflexes of fear.

Liz Koh says that the psoas muscle is connected with the most ancient part of the brain and spinal cord — the so-called "reptilian brain." He was responsible for the survival instinct before the moment when they began to develop the ability of the brain.

Too fast way of life that is a modern man, causes severe tension in the muscle, which must be held in readiness. Stress, problems at work and we cut the psoas, and its chronic stress leads to painful conditions, especially in the lumbar area and spine. Scoliosis, degeneration of the joints of the pelvis, pain in the knees, infertility – all of these diagnoses can be associated with the strain of lumbar muscles.

Chronic tightening of the muscles of the lower back threatens to posture and breathing affects the function of internal organs creates a pressure on nerve fibers.

How to relax the muscle of the soul?


For the recovery of the psoas Liz Koch advises to develop the sensitivity to receive from the message.

A body position in yoga can't be taken right until it is completely relaxed psoas muscle. The recovery of this muscle helps to restore the flow of vital energy. In Taoist tradition the psoas is called the muscle of the soul, as it is near the main energy centers of the body.

Try to relax lumbar muscle, when you practice yoga effect you will love it!

Let's see how Liz Koch is doing chair exercises to relax the lower back:


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