7 female troubles

How you behave in the middle of a fight or when you don't like something? If you prefer to keep silent, or used to pretend that you are not concerned, you probably made at least a couple of health problems.

Indeed, women perceive events more emotional, more worried, deeply feel. Now imagine that the whole mixture of emotions, unspoken words, tears, settles in a beautiful, flexible, sensual body.

The words sting, resentment, shackle, fears pierce. Body starts to hurt. Beauty fades. Quality of life is diminished. Look how many around the hunched, tense, sad women. What can I say... Life has broken.


The inability to recapture themselves from negative emotions, self-denial, suppressing their true feelings they provoke a lot of female troubles.

Surprisingly, they all have one answer. What? Let's see.

1. Migraine

From regular migraine suffer for almost 20% of women. Among men, those in half. From the point of view of psychosomatics, migraines occur in people who are dependent on the opinions of others. It is easy to guess that the leadership of women due to their greater concern with their appearance and more intense feelings, who and what they think about. A casual look can give birth in the mind of women, millions of thoughts, and if you add the numerous internal conflicts, sensitivity, vulnerability, all this creates a "painful experience" pulsing in his temples.

2. Headache

This is a saving remedy for unwanted thoughts, and sometimes from "harassment" unloved husband. If a woman does not live as he wants, but is afraid of "enlightenment" and the subsequent amendments, included headache. The hated mother-in-law, which have become loathsome husband, who deceives a neighbor, a house with a fireplace — all this creates too exciting coil. She starts to think about it, it is scary, and then there is headache. Now the question can be postponed. Salvation from unpleasant thoughts to be found.

3. Cystitis

Almost 50% of women at least once in his life faced with a urinary tract infection. Among men the incidence is ten times lower. If we talk about the psychosomatic nature of cystitis, it is called SITENAME and the offense-concealed dissatisfaction with her partner. Not hard to guess that women are much more often taken offense, to suffer, to create, unfathomable to the male mind, an intrigue. The easiest way to get rid of this problem is the open expression of feelings to the person who hurt you. At least say, "I feel very uncomfortable, it hurts when you say (do) ..."


4. Infertility

The desire to have children is not always true. Sometimes the woman feels the pressure of society, picks up a dumb question in the eyes of the environment, trying to catch up to the "critical age." All she sees attracts with its beautiful labels, happy faces, infant colors. However, the apparent willingness to put your child in a nice stroller and buy "the safest pacifier" has nothing to do with its internal state. In the depths of the "infertile woman" could settle fear, uncertainty, incomplete projects, and the man may bring not as much as I would like. The mind can be deceived, but the body never.

5. Insomnia

Women who have taken on themselves the role of "family Manager", "mothers" often have trouble falling asleep. This is due to the fear of loss of control over reality, increased anxiety, inability to "let go things". While the whole house sleeps, the woman remembers off if the iron, did things in the closet, did the shoes to dry...

To cope with insomnia, it is better to stand up and complete all their work.

In addition, young mothers are well-known fear of their own sleep. They always think that the baby is about to Wake up and cry. It does not allow them to relax. Sleep becomes supervaluation. Appears alarm "suddenly, while he sleeps, won't sleep". Attempting to force yourself to sleep will only aggravate the situation. To reduce the resulting anxiety, you need to take the lack of sleep as a given, "Yes, I can't sleep, I'll perepugu underwear." Once you allow yourself "not to sleep", sleep there and then come back.

6. Frigidity

Generated by unhealthy lifestyle. This applies not only to bad habits but the inability to live in harmony with themselves and their desires. The suppression of the feminine, an upgraded of masculinity, concentration on the words "must", "must" lead to stress and decline of libido.

According to science, the female body, the content of the "happiness hormone" serotonin, inferior to men. In this regard, women are affected by depression 3 times more often than men. Add to that PMS, pregnancy, menopause, and it becomes obvious that every woman to maintain a healthy relationship, you need to keep high vitality, indulge yourself in unlimited quantities. It is extremely important to feel happy, loved, feminine, free from negative attitudes, to remember their desires and live according to her female nature.

7. Weight

Usually appears after birth. A woman becomes "prominent", because subconsciously believes that he must comply with the new solid status of the mother. Also, the weight gain indicates the growth of domestic distress: low self-esteem, apathy, loss of former values, the stagnation in the relations, the choice of the course to premature aging, self-hatred, etc. need urgent study of existing internal conflicts, search, the causes and placement of new priorities.


One answer

You can overcome any disease, if you realize that your health depends on you. Not from your parents, not from the doctor, the pills, the circumstances, and from you personally!

Don't close yourself from emotions! It is the energy given to you to overcome adverse circumstances. Your unsaid thoughts, repressed desires, resentments and fears sooner or later will manifest itself in the patients joints, lungs, high blood pressure, heart problems, skin, internal organs...

Often ask yourself what you want. Learn to recognize your desires. If you live someone else's purpose, you become a pathetic puppet. Poor people have a reduced immunity, they get sick more often and faster fading.


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Living in harmony with each other there is no need to hurt. They enjoy life! They need strong legs in order to reach their ambitious goals; strong hands, to take from life all the best; a keen eye to see your happy, wonderful future.

Take care of your femininity, do not poison your body with negativity, give emotions, talk about your desires, and you will save health, beauty, and joy of life for years to come.published


Author: Pavel Kolesov


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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