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This article provides thoughts from the book doctor, naturopath Galina Shatalova "Healing food".


A spoiled stomach — the father of mourning

The weakest link of our civilization — physical health, undermines the unnatural lifestyle of modern man and especially contraindicated by the nature of power. This dependence is typical of the poets of imagery and expressed by Nietzsche: "whoever tells of a spoiled stomach, the father of sorrow, all sources are poisoned."

And as I have repeatedly seen in their medical practice, the treatment of almost all chronic diseases must begin with the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract.


Experiment Shatalova on sverhkrupnyh

Put experiment on a group of athletes (experimental group) who have moved to food plant food preserving natural biological properties of the original products. Their table is distinguished by an abundance of freshly prepared salads, porridge made from whole grains, decoction of medicinal herbs with honey.

The control group was virtually the entire main part of spermataphore — runners. However, for the Protocol among them has selected four athletes who in terms of training and physical abilities roughly corresponded to the members of my experimental group.

The typical diet of athletes

The diet of the athletes in the control group were drawn from standards developed by the Institute of nutrition, and included high-calorie foods, rich in proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It included: 180 g of dietary protein, about 200 grams of fat and 900 grams of carbohydrates that corresponded to 6000 kcal. The products are also fully consistent with the "scientific" ideas: meat, fish, noodles, pasta, bread, rich soup, strong tea, coffee, cocoa, chocolate, canned food, oatmeal, excess salt and sweets.

In all other respects there are no differences between the athletes was not. They had to overcome in seven days, about 500 km fall on their share of the load can be compared only with loads of hammerers or miners.

In accordance with the tables developed by the Institute of nutrition in Moscow, they had to consume 5000 to 6000 calories. "My" athletes in preparation for not get no more than 800 calories and heavy loads — up to 1200 kcal.

My Pets, unlike rivals, was more hardy

Members of the control group came to the finish the next phase exhausted, frazzled, and the participants of the experimental group is cheerful and fresh. The objective of the survey results testified to the fact that my Pets, unlike rivals, which were more hardy and not only did not lose, but gain weight. It is the result of transition to prescribed to us by nature, lifestyle and nutrition.

Experiment Shatalova in the desert

I am a doctor and know that, once in the body, water is not just directly excreted through the pores, and passes through a series of major reforms that require the body a considerable amount of energy. Therefore, excess intake of fluid overheats and relaxes the body.

In the experiment, we managed to reduce water consumption in the desert 10 times. First, played a role that the transition consumes exclusively low-protein, low-calorie food, which is completely devoid of animal products that require the consumption of 42 grams of water per gram of protein.

Second, in the desert we were drinking structured water enriched with herbs that increases and decreases body temperature. It is possible to reduce the water consumption to one litre per day without compromising health, but with a significant increase in the efficiency of thermoregulation of the body.

From the "practical" health as actual health

Natural health improvement system, and when I talk about it, you will certainly have in mind and its an integral part of healthful eating, transfers a man from a condition of "practical" health (or a practical ill-health that, in fact, one and the same) in a state of complete actual health. The first condition is typical for a person of artificial, born of modern civilization is sick, and the second to a reasonable person, listened to the voice of nature (in fact, the Creator himself) and completely subordinate to its provisions.

Artificial person consumes five times more food than a reasonable person

The results of my surveys of the representatives of the other groups of people, clearly indicate that the differences between them are revealed simply stunning. It turned out that people artificial basal metabolism, ie the consumption of body energy in a state of rest, five times higher than the Homo sapiens: 1200-1700, respectively, and 250-500 kcal. The representatives of the first group of 18-20 rhythm of the breath cycles (inhale-exhale) per minute, the second group — 4-5.

Artificial person consumes five times more food than a reasonable person. Since the volume of our stomach is limited and not designed for excessive absorption of diets, there is a need to "optimize" foods, at a concentration of nutrients.

As a result of natural bio-information properties of the starting materials are destroyed completely, and food process loses the character of the intimacy of communion with nature and becomes, in fact, a simple operation for the introduction of unnatural high amount of energy and substances in the human body. These are the facts, and the facts — the bread of science.


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Diet system Shatalova

Has long been established that the digestive functions reach their maximum activity between 10 to 14 hours. So we had dinner at 12 o'clock. To the table served dishes prepared according to recipes of the healing power.

Meat, fish, salt, sugar, yeast bread, pasta and confectionery products was not. They were replaced by salads of wild herbs, vegetable dishes and cereals, cooked with a minimum length of heat treatment at temperatures above 100° C to preserve all natural properties of products and the structure of incoming water in them.published




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