20 things all wrong, without even knowing it

As they say, all ingenious — is simple. Every day you do many activities without even knowing where your mistakes. It is not even about lifehacks that will make life easier, and how to properly do what the Website says below. Take on arms!

1. To properly unload the banks not one, but simply to open the box from both sides and to push banks at once. It only takes a few seconds!

Photo source: Marketium.ru2. You're used to fully unpack the foil and casually break the coil? Look at the packing, there is after all designed for convenience!

3. Otlamyvanie chocolate pieces as shown in the second picture. So you'll get perfect slices!

4. If the pot has a handle with a hole, this hole use for spoon that you stirred the food!

5. Did you know that invisible need to wear to this party?

6. You poured TIC TACs right in the mouth or in the palm? It turns out that everything is much simpler, because the lid has a hole for your beans!

7. If you do not want your cake has crumbled, use the advice from the second image.

8. If you want to completely get rid of the stem from a strawberry, use not fingers, and a thin tube or wand from under Lollipop.

9. If you want to eat the Burger so that it won't spill out, hold it with two hands and fingers!

10. Want to cross out are written that no one will ever know what is there? Then do this:

11. If you want to properly slice the loaf, then turn it "back" up.

12. A tube in a jar to insert is not directly and in the appropriate hole!

13. Love pizza? Then learn how to keep it.

14. Another useful master-class about the food. If you like Chinese noodles, you will learn how to open the box!

15. Here's how to properly pour the juice that the jet was smooth and wide!

16. In 1891, the inventors have identified, how to hang a roll of toilet paper. The surprise, right?

17. If you always mount load trolley in the supermarket, here's a great way to properly dispose of space.

18. The best way to chill a bottle! Just wrap it in paper and put in the fridge.

19. If you want to re-heat the pasta, then lay them across the plate in the shape of a donut. This will help to completely warm them.

20. Do not need to pour chips from a long packaging. Simply use the already existing help as on the picture!

21. Look carefully at this indicator, if you want to know which side of car is gas tank.

These simple tips will help you better cope with the different challenges that so often arise in everyday life!

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