It seems this girl will be first called for as many as 196 countries in the world

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It is difficult to find a person who never in my life thought about to quit life and travel the world. But the world is so huge — is it possible to visit each country?

This lively girl, Cassie de Pecol (Cassie DePecol) from Connecticut proved possible, and Site shares with you her inspiring story.

Cassie's journey began in July of 2015, when she was 25 years old. She is now 27 and just 15 months she has visited 180 countries and 254 times to fly on a plane. And that's not all. Cassie dreams of becoming the first woman in history, having visited all 196 countries of the world. She plans to finish her unprecedented circumnavigation in 45 days.

Cassie says she always wanted to see the world, in school it was "crazy dream" to visit every country on the map and find out more about the traditions, history, culture and religion of other people, nationalities. She was a little calm home — Cassie craves adventure and new experiences.

Of course, such an event demanded that Cassie costly: in total around the world cost her 198 thousand dollars, most of which the lady helped to collect a range of donors. With their help enterprising girl made a documentary about his unique trip. Also in her instagram you can see pictures of luxury hotels to choose its investors, for which Cassie is given shelter in these places.

According to Cassie, the attraction of investors was a challenge because she had to look for funding while you travel.

Cassie has already become an Ambassador of peace, and now one of its duties is meeting with students and professors of the universities of tourism in different countries of the world. Also in one program, Cassie selects water samples to a group of scientists to test the liquid for the content of the micro-plastic.

For Cassie, it was important to get out of the comfort zone and plunge into the unknown, exciting the imagination of the world, and to prove that a woman alone can travel across the entire planet. But it is equally important to set a world record and be a role model for thousands of people, showing that any, even the craziest goal is achievable.

On average, Cassie spent a few days in each country. According to the latest now it should be in Cuba.

Good Luck, Cassie! For the record there are very few.

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