Headquartered Facebook

The new office of Facebook based since 2009.
The interior of this office is fully captures the essence of the company as a social network.

Inside area of ​​13, 935 square meters, now has more than 700 employees.

The décor reflects the views of all employees Facebook.

From each department was isolated Advisory Council for cooperation with the project team on all issues of space planning, finishing up final approval.

In an open space, it was decided to allocate separate areas by combining employees in the group. So, in the center of the office is based authorities, access to which is every employee.

There are large rooms and lounges, uniting employees from different departments. One large kitchen at any time exquisitely dine for everyone, and each of the departments provide additional small bars for snacks and drinks.

Courtyard is different from anything you've seen before, because there is a basketball court and a table to play ping-pong! How unusual to observe the movement of the office staff on skateboards!


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