Pensioner two years stored in the refrigerator stranger

Pensioner from Petrozavodsk, two years stored in the refrigerator frozen corpse of an alien.
Ufologists study photography stranger, trying to determine how true this story.

According to the story of the old woman, in autumn 2009 in the yard of her country house in the Karelian village Mashezero wrecked UFO. Hearing the terrible roar, Martha Egorovna jumped out of the house and found in the courtyard of the twisted pile of metal, from which came the unbearable heat. Near the flaming wreckage lay the body of a humanoid wearing protective overalls. Largemouth and bigeye being an increase of about 50 cm, resembling a cross between man and fish, no signs of life.

Pensioner wife called for help, and they dragged the stranger in their car, and then drove to Petrozavodsk. Rather than turn to scientists or, at worst, to the competent authorities, the elderly for some reason left the alien in his Khrushchev. And that it is not spoiled - packed in plastic and placed the bundle in the refrigerator.

The wreckage of the aircraft, where visitors come from other worlds, gone the next day. Neighbors said that the garden of Martha Yegorovna all day digging people in chemical protection suits, behind which, in turn, watched comrades in civilian clothes. Perhaps they felt that the UFO pilot survived and fled the scene of an accident under its own power, as the fate of the alien from the owners house, no one was interested.

This story was continued two years later. A few days ago to Martha Yegorovna bestowed strangers who presented themselves as officers of the Karelian Academy of Sciences, and seized the contents of the refrigerator. Realizing that it has lost the physical evidence of contact with extraterrestrial intelligence, the woman decided to tell reporters about the incident. And not to be unfounded, share photos, made at a time when the stranger kept in the refrigerator.

These frames have learned specialists ufologists, informs Daily Mail. Expert on the paranormal Michael Cohen warned that this story may be banal raffle, but noted that the possibility of a real meeting with an alien also can not be discounted. "Russia is one of the centers of activity of UFOs and alien ships move tracked it both military and civilian agencies," - he explained.

As for the appearance of the alien, Cohen found it quite suitable for the guest from other worlds. "In all likelihood, most alien beings would look in our eyes as strange as this instance," - said the ufologist.

The publication notes that in recent years in the northern regions of Russia, the cases when people have seen UFOs and aliens. Last Post of this kind came in the summer of Irkutsk, where witnesses managed to take photos of the five aliens, strolling through the forest.


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