In airplanes there is a secret room, which you never knew existed

Where on the plane, even the largest, to hide a secret room? And yet it is is a room for crew rest.

The editors of the Site will gladly give you a tour and show you how it looks from the inside.

Yes, flight attendants are people too, and during long-haul flights they also, like us, need to sleep. But where do they do it?

In most Airliners the Boeing 777 and 787 have a special compartment. It is usually located behind the cockpit, above the business class.

It is a spiral staircase, and the steps are hidden behind an inconspicuous door, which is next to the cockpit. To get there, you need a key or code.

In some aircraft such as American Airlines, Boeing 773, in this room you can not go up the stairs and through the secret hatch that looks like a normal door Luggage racks above the passenger seat.

In the "secret room" can be from 6 to 10 closely spaced beds. Windows there.

"Not to take the area of the crew during taxi, takeoff and landing. Maximum occupancy is 8 people. One in its place."

Designated crew rest is usually provided with a reading lamp, coat hooks, mirror and storage space for personal belongings. Also included is bed linen, and sometimes even pajamas.

On American Airlines Boeing 773 beds located along the aisle, as on a cruise ship. The passage is so narrow that you can only go sideways.

On Boeing 747 beds one above the other and equipped with shutters, which protect against noise.

And here is the "flying the coupe" for the rest of the pilots of the Airbus A380 looks quite comfortable.

Boeing 777 also has an additional compartment for pilots with two beds, two armchairs business class and, depending on the airline — locker or toilet sink.

Flight attendants polite, friendly and patient, despite the vagaries of passengers and heels. How great to have a place where they can relax, while we watch "Dr. Strange" at an altitude of 10,000 meters over the Atlantic.

And now when we are privy to their secrets, is the time to ask about the tour. Sure, they will not be denied!

Source Insider
Photos on the preview Boeing, David Parker Brown/AirlineReporter

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