In China are developing the world's smallest nuclear reactor

Chinese scientists from the Institute of technology nuclear power safety (Institute of Nuclear Energy Safety Technology) started to create the world's smallest nuclear power plant. Their development is capable of producing up to 10 megawatts of electricity, and the dimensions are only about six meters tall and two meters wide. The assurances of the inventors, such a plant will be able to power about 50 million homes.

Itself a nuclear plant is a fast breeder reactor, and the scientists called it "a portable nuclear battery." Design is designed so that the reactor can operate without much complicated terms of service for at least five years. As a cooling element of a nuclear power plant uses molten lead. Despite the fact that the installation can be used to meet the needs of urban residents, the first point, the scientists plan to make one of the installations for desalination of water in the South China sea.

Here is the most portable at this point nuclear reactor

The project, of course, make a lot of claims, especially environmentalists, who fear for leakage of radioactive elements in sea water, as well as the increase of ambient station water, which will adversely affect the marine flora and fauna.

In any case, the authors of the project try my best to stop this from happening, and the government of China reported about the readiness of the commissioning of the "portable nuclear batteries" during the next five years. published



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