The concern KRET and Russian GRIDS will build elektroservice

The agreement between the concern "Radioelectronic technologies" (KRET) and the company "rosseti" has already been signed, and this means that they are now together engaged in the creation and development of the necessary infrastructure for electric transport in Russia.

"I am confident that the development of a network of gas stations and possible additional preferences of the Russian government will encourage Russians to purchase of electric vehicles, whose appearance on the roads of the country in practice demonstrate their viability and economic attractiveness in the Russian conditions", – says Deputy General Director of KRET Vladimir Zverev.The first charging station for electric vehicles "grids" were installed in Sochi this summer. Charging systems are called "fora" and produced by the Ryazan State instrument plant, which is part of KRET.

The company has developed charging stations (EZS) to charge the batteries of electric vehicles of all types — AC and DC. However, the station direct current stations charge batteries 10 times faster than the station AC.

Charge will be the owners of any cars, because EZS are equipped with European contact CCS and the Japanese CHAdeMO plug.

Earlier, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on the need to equip the network of filling stations with charging columns for vehicles with electric drives. It is reported that rosseti plan to open about 200 charging stations for electric vehicles in Moscow next year. Until the end of 2018 in ten regions of Russia will set more than a thousand columns. published




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