Aircraft of the future of Russia (9 photos)

For the leading American aircraft designers NASA is holding a contest. The basic conditions in the development of the aircraft are:
flight speed - not less than 85% of the speed of sound,
load capacity - from 23 to 46 tons
and range - more than 7,000 miles.
The competition also will take part the Russian company KRET (Concern "Radio-electronic technology┬╗)
with the project of the future liner MS-21, where the on-board equipment of 80% will be produced in Russia.


The project, tentatively called Icon-II was developed by the "Boeing". Supersonic aircraft provides a record low noise and consumes significantly less fuel than existing models.

Green Supersonic Machine

This handsome developed in Lockheed Martin. V-shaped design, settled in the green, already hints at increased environmental liner. However, the technical data is really unknown.

"Flying Wing┬╗

The company Northrop Grumman presented the draft civil airliner of the "flying wing" design reminiscent of the famous American B-2 bombers.

Hybrid Wing Body H-Series


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