Alexander Chizhevsky — Leonardo of the twentieth century

It was called "Russian Leonardo da Vinci", he was the founder of space biology, aerionofication and heliobiology, Biofizika, artist, poet.



In Chizhevsky lived passion for experiments and research. It was a unique mind, the author of fundamental discoveries, a scientist, an inventor, obosnoval scientific theories, the philosopher-cosmist. The youngest doctor of Sciences (in ' 21 — doctor of historical Sciences), heliobiology, cosmobiology, researcher of ions and the influence of solar activity on terrestrial processes, animal psychology, a researcher of electrostatic processes in body tissues and blood cells.

In 1939 he was elected honorary President of the first International Congress on the biological physics and space biology, which is a totality of achievements he was named "Leonardo da Vinci XX century" and nominated for a Nobel prize, but to receive it and failed, although the candidate Chizhevsky was in the list of potential nominees to five times.


The sun

Main passion, his main field of research and scientific interest Chizhevsky — the sun. Life, the sun, as proved by the scientist, is present in all spheres of our life. It affects us yields and years of famine, war, revolution, the quiet years, when the wheels of history gradually goes on — it all depends on the Sun and its activity.

Chizhevsky studied the periods of epidemics and revolutions, and revealed a strong pattern: periods of disturbance and historical shocks associated with solar activity. This theory was fully expressed in his work "Physical factors of historical development."



Friendship with Tsiolkovsky lasted more than twenty years. And even after the death of a scientist Chizhevsky maintained close relations and corresponded with his daughter, helping her build a Museum of his father.

This friendship was more than just friendship, it was a fruitful example of cooperation between two outstanding personalities. Chizhevsky believed Tsiolkovskogo my inspiration and teacher, and he was the main promoter of the ideas and achievements of scientists Tsiolkovsky.

He contributed to the approval of the world's scientific priority of Tsiolkovsky in the field of Astronautics and aerodynamics, reissued in 1924, the year of his fundamental work "Investigation of outer space rocket appliances."

This friendship helped Chizhevsky to determine the scope of their scientific interests. Helped him to feel confident researcher — Tsiolkovsky strongly supported the ideas of Chizhevsky in the field of geneologie and aeroionization that didn't seem relevant and was considered a scientific eccentricity.

  Ions and Zoology

A series of experiments on animals Ciucci began in his youth. The essence of the experiments was to study animals negatively charged particles — air ions and identification of the consequences of such exposure.

During the experiments, the scientist managed to prove that ionized air has a positive impact on the milk yield of cows, it increases the offspring of pigs and sheep, increases yield of wheat and has a positive effect on the psyche of animals in General and increases their resistance to diseases and viruses.

In the years 1924-1931 Chizhevsky was a research fellow of the Practical laboratory of zoopsychology Glavnauka Commissariat. In it, in 1927, passed the test electroefficient chandeliers — "chandelier Chizhevskogo" emitter these the most useful negatively-charged particles.

Research Chizhevsky in ineficacia have been translated into several foreign languages and as a whole amounted to 2 volumes.



Rather late and forced enthusiasm of the scientist. As a prisoner of the Gulag, it did not stop scientific research. Continuing to study the ionization, Chizhevsky became interested in the problem of electrostatic processes in the blood and other tissues of the body. It is in the medical field it was committed one of the fundamental discoveries is the structural and systemic organization of blood moving, and they opened a fabric electroman — the so-called tissue breathing — pulmonary, humoral and cellular. And also open an important physiological phenomenon electrostatic dynamism that controls the electrical functions of blood and cells.published


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