Open Switzerland's largest solar power plant

GEFCO in conjunction with BKW (Swiss energy company) and Energie du Jura (competence centre for energy in the Canton of Jura) opened a solar photovoltaic power plant in Corzine (Switzerland). The amount of energy generated by the station, you will be covered by 2021 half the needs of the Canton of Jura in renewable energy.

Photovoltaic area of 43 thousand sq. m. Corzine, equipped with canopies with solar panels, is distinguished by its considerable size and power. Pursuing the double objective optimization of business processes and the preservation of the environment company GEFCO Switzerland in 2013 and began negotiations with the company Energie du Jura. In the end, the project was launched in the year 2015, one of the ambitious goals of the project was to modernize the site for storage of up to 3000 vehicles area of 78 thousand square meters, imported to Switzerland.

At this point the plant installed 23 886 photovoltaic panels, and it has an area of 43 thousand sq. m. is almost 5 football fields. Installed capacity, component 6.7 MW/peak, makes the object the largest power station in Switzerland equipped with canopies with solar panels. Every year it is able to generate electricity in the amount of 6.7 GWh, which corresponds to the annual power consumption of 1550 households.

Work on the construction beginning in late 2015, was conducted in three stages. The first phase of the works (20% site) were completed by March 30, 2016, that has allowed to generate electricity in the amount of up to 1.2 MW/peak. Two other objects launched into operation in August 2016, develop a 3.2 MW/peak and 2.4 MW/peak respectively.

A large part of the energy generated will be consumed directly on-site for electric vehicle charging imported by the company GEFCO. The remainder of the electricity will be sent to the network BKW and supplied to the end consumers through the company's product "Green Energy".

To meet the growing needs of electricity from renewable sources solar power plant is subject to certification. These measures will help to 2021 to cover almost half the needs of the Canton of Jura in electricity generation.

"We are pleased that this project came to life and we took part in reached Canton of Jura goals. This set is for the region of particular interest because it adds value to the industrial areas, operated for quite some time. This is an excellent example for future projects," says David Fandrich, Director of Energie du Jura.

The generated energy reduces CO2 emissions by 2,400 tons per year (based on the EU requirements concerning the structure of energy consumption by 2020). Another advantage from the point of view of ecology — installation of canopies for the collection and processing of rainwater.

Design and construction of the power plant are an example of effective cooperation between companies BKW Energie du Jura and GEFCO. The company EDJ is engaged in the energy strategy of the region, including actively participating in increasing the share of renewable energy in accordance with the requirements of the plan of the Swiss Confederation in the energy sector by 2050.

Company BKW Group, an expert in the field of energy and infrastructure, were involved in technical project management. "We are very proud to become part of this unique project. It demonstrates the expertise of BKW in the field of photovoltaics, as well as serious intentions of the company and its partners to the energy plan," says Renato Sturani, head of renewable energy and energy efficiency company BKW.

The result of this cooperation is the joint investment in the amount of 12 million Swiss francs.

The plant in Corzine will allow the company GEFCO Switzerland to make a significant contribution to improving environmental quality. The project is part of the corporate social responsibility policy, which is also implemented through the certification of work sites of the company GEFCO Switzerland in compliance with ISO 14001 and the installation of tanks for rainwater harvesting to solar power. "The Swiss division of the GEFCO Group is proud of the project that meets the environmental policy of the entire group. I would like to thank the company BKW and EDJ for the effective implementation of the joint project is very important for us and our customers", emphasizes Denis Ijare, General Director GEFCO Switzerland.

"This project demonstrates the commitment of the Group GEFCO principles of environmental protection, which is one of our priorities along with the quality of customer service and high professional standards. We will consider the possibility of implementing similar projects in other offices of GEFCO," commented Luc Nadal, CEO of the GEFCO group.

By implementing this project, which is part of the energy strategy of the Swiss Confederation for the year 2050, the GEFCO group and of the company BKW and EDJ has taken concrete steps towards energy transition and sustainable development.

Photovoltaic plant in Korgene in numbers:

-12 million Swiss francs;

-10 months of construction;

-The installed capacity of 6.7 MW-p;

-23 886 photovoltaic panels;

-Performance of 6.7 GWh/year average energy consumption of 1,500 households;

-Reduction of CO2 emissions = 2400 tons/year;

-530 supports and 1000 tons of steel.





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