SMS-ki literary heroes. Super! ))

She drowned. Gerasim

Urgent Specify the schedule of trains to Moscow. Anna

I threw it away. Frodo.

Something you Gerasim, not telling. Mu Mu.

Naf, we are on the market that take? plasterboard or bricks straight? Nif and Nuf

I wish you happiness, you are a lovely couple? Malvina in bed log log. Piero.

I have two news: good and bad. From: Pandora

He found the net, went for fish, anything you want? Grandfather.

Do not worry, I do udelal wolf! Details on his return. Gingerbread Man.

It was a joke, about the slippers! And where the hell is ?! Oksana.

Gerda? Vechnast? or? Vetchnost ?? If anything, ask Hans, he knows. Kai.

The wind shifted, good luck. Babysitting

Scarf and beads bought. I am a flower. Dad.

Ivan, I'm far away, I wait. Vasilisa.

Dragon, the wings do to you to present to Murom. Yaga.

Mom, there's some gray under the windows, says the delivery of products. In the goat did not like. We ordered? Seven kids.

I'll be late, do not forget to pray for the night. Othello.

Honey, dinner at 7. Penelope.

Lena, where are you? Fast home, and that will be worse. Menelaus.

Emelya, the palace is not reached, standing in a traffic jam on the Neva. Oven

Delayed. Prepare your liver. Eagle.

Paris, Viagra is no more. Consults itself. Aphrodite.

)))))))))))))))))))))))))) Cheshire Cat.

The x * ny rabbit, mushrooms and caterpillars! More do not sleep in the afternoon. Alice.

Mom in the hospital, I'll take you out of school. Humbert.

Grandpa, tell me the address! From: Vanya

Then the devil himself would break a leg! Voland.

Under his feet had to look ugly. Anushka.

Buy chairs. Ostap.

And nah I $ I like this pumpkin? Cinderella

Kai, Snow Queen? dynamo! Gerda

Your Tail? owl. Pooh

Melofon me. I'm at home. Alice

She prayed. Waiting. Desdemona.

It's hard to be a bug. Electronic

Volodya, how many hand? Location remember. Gleb.

Razbodyazhenny. Alice

Kozel you, Ivan. Older sister

Monster I liked him more. Nastya.

Are you here? I'm on the third, let's cross. Dante.

Liz, you che, offended? Erast.

Buy yarn. Penelope

My advice to you? Changing the character to come down. Gerda

Well, where are you pulled? Daedalus

Well, for $ Raleigh you here. Hercules

Though the grass to fetch a whole Skurov thistles. Ophelia

Your missus shizanulas, communicates with a mirror. Hiding Kent. Snow

Drugan, let's go on Friday to the pub and have a drink? My treat. Salieri

Dad, bread and fish at all is not enough! What to do?

Not there curtailed. Gasoline was over, the tube is now dies. Do something. Susanin

Dad, I passed! Pavlik

Send this SMS twenty friends and fairy Tinkerbell will survive! Peter

Bull broke the thread. There is a backup plan? Theseus

Half past eleven! Hermann, where are you?

At seven in the center of the room. Minotaur

What to do? Trahan. Tibidohayu. Old Hottabych

I am writing from the English numbers. Pendants withdrew soon will. D? Art

Detained Tatiana, Lensky, start without me, podedu your shot. Onegin

Mom, I'm bored. Harry
 the message was not delivered: the recipient does not exist

Wait for his tram. Berlioz.

Rain. Max Fry.

Pushkin, bitch, you yourself something had chewed emerald thread ??? Squirrel

Patrikevna, where A *, fish, nah, big and small? * All froze GTC * A, on this fucking pond! Wolf

Earth. Sannikov

Guys, come quickly, I know a great place for diving. Alexander Nevsky

to gerasim: popup. Are you glad?

As the sheet in front of the grass? You cho finally stoned? Sivka burka

I quickly? one leg here, another there! A. Karenina

Damn, when I shall sleep? Beauty.

YES! And I! Brutus.

They are all sick! Aibolit

Fly, I'm sorry to detain tickets, spider greetings and enjoy your meal. small mosquito

Dad, I will soon. Jesus

Red or blue? Neo

Tyler! Why messages from you come to my room?

And at Disney I would survive, hear, Hans! Mermaid

Dreams are numbered. What to do? Vera

An autopsy revealed that the patient overeat. Loggers

Zhdunimagu. Penelope

Oleg, look under your feet! Horse

Swan, Pike grip, pull cool. Cancer

Achilles, you forget the horse. Menelaus

Gift. The teeth do not look. Achilles

Dap boys take? Chernomor

Who is with me to the rink? Alexander Nevsky

The ball is sunk. I sit dully roar. Tania.

Transfiguration, buy a pack of Pedigree. PP

Reverend Sir! The circumstances of the delay, surges in the marshes. Your dog.


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