Compact MPV Nissan Note will be a hybrid

Compact MPV Nissan Note, together with the restyling will receive a hybrid modification. This reports the Japanese blog Livedoor, who turned out to be a booklet about the updated model.

Twenty two million eighty three thousand seventy seven

A new modification of the Note, which will be equipped with diesel-electric propulsion, will be called e-Power. The compact van will travel solely on electric and internal combustion engine can act as a generator to recharge the batteries.

Fuel consumption in the combined cycle will be 2.5 liters per hundred kilometers. Other technical details about the new product yet.

Judging by the picture, the redesigned Note will have a modified grille, new headlights, other front bumper, and enhanced fog lamps.

Seven million sixty six thousand five

Sales of the updated Nissan Note will be launched in Japan in November. Will I still be offered the petrol-electric version in other markets is still unknown.published  




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