The intricacies of installing a fireplace in an energy efficient ECO house

We know that any energy-efficient house, passive house, has very low permeability (ventilation) and ventilation is controlled via air handling units with heat recovery, that is, the breathing air flows into the house in a certain, measured amount. The fireplace requires burning large amounts of air, oxygen.

Accordingly, for installation of fireplaces in an energy-efficient, passive house requires specific solutions. We note that costruisco the fireplace in a passive house is possible, but there are some features you need to follow the rules.

Unfortunately, in the Russian regulatory framework is not enough relevant recommendations regarding the installation of fireplaces in individual energy efficient passive houses. Therefore, in developing the concept, cottage, design and construction of passive houses, we also use Western standards, including fire regulations regarding the fireplace unit in an energy-efficient house.

First, it is necessary to ensure the independent operation mode of the fireplace: combustion air must not be taken from premises – you should provide a special supply of air from outside. For this purpose, special chimneys, combining the outlet channel of smoke and a channel through which the furnace gets fresh air (the so-called LAS chimneys — from it. Luft-Abgas-System). This rule applies not only to passive houses, but any good quality cottage, equipped with a ventilation system. The fact that in the case of lowering the air pressure in the room where the fireplace (which happens when there is insufficient air supply when burning the fireplace), the products of combustion are emitted into the room that is dangerous to health.

In energy efficient and passive houses it is highly recommended to install fireplaces and fireplace inserts certified by the German Institute for building technology (DIBt) for operation in the air mode. These fireplaces and fireplace inserts in must be equipped with a glass door, which can be sealed.

Secondly, a chimney is a thermal bridge. Of an adjunction of the chimney to the building units also are not always airtight. When installing fireplaces, energy-efficient homes should pay special attention to the nodes of the passage of the chimney through the building envelope.

Not so long ago for the passive house was certified by the first flue system, which we recommend be used when constructing the fireplace. Ceramic chimney Schiedel Absolut xpert (photo) heat insulation and well thought-out pass-throughs through the roof structure ensures minimal heat loss, practically eliminate condensation and has a separate shaft for supplying to the fireplace outside air for combustion.

To design the device of a fireplace in a passive house (as well as in any qualitative cottage), including the flue installation is required prior to construction of the cottage. In this case, it is possible to provide a high quality junction designs and provide installation of fireplaces in compliance with the modern security measures and without prejudice to the efficiency of a home.published




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