25 strange tricks for hair that really work! Didn't know didn't know...

Today our editors favorite will delight readers with a unique compilation of tips that will help you to solve the most common problems with hair. We will explain how to return your hair to former splendor and beauty, as carefully cheat curls, how to dry and make stunning hairstyles.

Ideas for hair
  1. Use Bobby pins for the hair, to create unusual hair. Don't forget to stab the Bobby pins wavy side down.

  2. To make the tail visually longer and bigger, you use this trick.

  3. Apply conditioner to wet hair ends to regain their former beauty. Don't forget to use a shower cap or plastic bag.

  4. To put in order the unruly strands, apply little hairspray on a comb and run it through his hair.

  5. Use microfiber towel to dry the hair twice as fast.

  6. To keep curly hair from tangling, apply on your hair a mixture of hair conditioner and water. The ingredients must be mixed in a ratio of 1: 1.

  7. Few people know that to apply hair conditioner best before showering. Wearing a plastic cap, you will accelerate the process of hair restoration.

  8. Advice for owners charming curls: before bed put hair into a loose high ponytail so that they are not mixed up.

  9. Experiment with the position of the flat irons to get the unusual shape of the curls.

  10. Put a little bit of your favorite perfume on your hairbrush and run it through his hair. This trick will help the scent to last much longer.

  11. Use this trick to tail seemed high and neat.

  12. Start to curl your locks from mid-strands to hair lasted as long as possible.

  13. The tail will seem more bulky, if you use this trick with a little crab for the hair.

  14. Use the spiral pins to secure the beam of the hair.

  15. Black tea will be a good substitute for the varnish a mild fixation. Brew two teaspoons of tea a Cup of boiling water and place the liquid in a bottle with a sprayer. Before styling apply a little money on the strand.

  16. Face cream will help moisturize dry hair ends. This is best suitable lean tool with a light texture.

  17. Use this trick to add flavor to my everyday hairstyle.

  18. This simple method will help you to quickly wind the hair.

  19. Elegant braid can replace the headband.

  20. Not only facial skin needs nutrition and moisturizing, but the hair. Use thermal water as a means to hydrate the hair.

  21. Live beer is the best conditioner for hair. If you are not afraid of unpleasant odor, you can safely use it as a replacement to cosmetics.

  22. If the hair began to Shine, and you have the evening a lot of plans use a compact powder for the face. To save the situation, apply a little product on the problem areas and comb hair, shaking off the remnants of powder.

  23. To party styling kept until the end of the evening, apply some hairspray on the Bobby pins.

  24. Saline spray has already become an indispensable attribute of many hairdressers. It helps to achieve the effect disheveled beach hair. To manufacture this product, enough to dissolve one tablespoon of sea soy in a glass of water.

  25. Cheat graceful curls, a simple headband.

Our editors are loving these life hacks for your hair! What above are you? Don't forget to tell us in the comments.

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