Throw all that never knocks...


Mind cannot exist in the present. If you can be here, totally present, mind disappears. The mind can desire, to dream, to dream of a thousand and one thoughts. He can move to the end of the world, or in the beginning, but he can't be here now, for it is impossible.

All ignorance is ignorance. And then you worry about the past, which is no more, this is absolutely ridiculous! The past not return. How can you to do something in the past that no longer exists? Nothing can be done, it's already over, but you continue to worry about it, you're wasting yourself.

Or think about the future, and dream, and wish. Have you ever pointed out that the future never comes. It may not come. All that comes is always the present, and the present is radically different from your desires, dreams.

Therefore, all that you want or what you dream about, imagine, plan, worry, never happens.



It devastates you. You continue to destroy yourself. You continue to die. Your energy continues to flow in the desert, not reaching the goal, but simply dissipated. And then knocking at the door of death. And remember: death never knocks in the past or in the future, she's knocking now.

You can't say death — Tomorrow! Death knocks in the present. Life also knocks in the present. God also knocks in the present. Everything always knocks now, all nonexistent, is always part of the past or the future.

Your mind is a fake because he never knocks at present. Let this be the criterion of reality: everything that is, is always in the here and now; all that is not, is never a part of the present.

Throw all that never knocks in now. And if you enter now will open a new dimension – the dimension of eternity. published


Author: Osho




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