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Felice Varini is a French artist who is known for his creative approach to environment and space.

The basis for creativity Felice — architecture, existing objects. It can be commercial and offices, residential houses and areas, villages and the city — the artist's man-made inspiring and monumental. For Felice an important story, the soul of buildings.

With space at Felice a special relationship. His artistic vision if superimposed two-dimensional plane into three-dimensional. The work of the artist can be assessed overall with only one point. It is the starting point of the coordinate system of the Felice.

The artist works not for himself. Carefully choosing the spatial point where the viewer will observe his work, Felice determines the level of viewer perception. Usually a point is placed at eye level of a seated or standing person.

However, as Felice says, his work can be appreciated not only from the viewpoint. Causing their color lines, stripes, geometric objects in space, he realizes that points of view can be a lot like a lot of people with their individual perception of art.

"I work here now," tells Felice. And indeed it is. His art is a visual illusion, but the reality, objectivity, and when he was interested in more.

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