Architectural wonder: the porcelain Palace in China

Collecting porcelain figurines is a hobby, a 50-year resident of China Zhang Lianzhi. He managed to create real porcelain house Yuebao House, it took him about four years.

Porcelain house was opened to visitors on 2 September 2007, at the Heping district in the province Tianjinon. The building was built in the old French style, its history goes back more than 100 years. Originally, the building housed the Central Ministry of Finance of the Qing dynasty, and later in 1949 it was converted into a Bank. Soon, the Bank changed its location and beautiful building remained deserted for several years until a collector of porcelain Lianzhi bought it for 1 million yuan. For four years he managed to turn the building into a unique structure decorated with porcelain. Today Yuebao House, is one of the Central attractions of China.

Unique house decorated with a huge number of porcelain, among the exhibits there are products of white marble, and natural crystals. The value of the home is estimated at 2 billion yuan, as the walls of buildings decorated with real antique. Among them – around 3,000 porcelain vases, and is called “Ping'an Qiang”.

Zhang is a successful businessman who is interested in art and culture. Perhaps the most impressive exhibit in the house — four of a Chinese dragon wrapped around the outer wall of the building. The length of each of the dragon statues more than 200 meters, they symbolize the power of ancient China. In addition, the porcelain decorated part of the ceiling, railings and doors.

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