Surrealism from nature: sand dunes of all colors of the rainbow on the island of Mauritius


If the Surrealists wrote their masterpieces from nature, they would seek inspiration on the small exotic Isle of Mauritius in the village of Chamarel. Here are all the colors of the rainbow mixed together to from a bizarre tints to create a unique pattern of dunes which is not subject to the destructive force winds or torrential rains.


Geologists are struggling with the bizarre mystery of the dunes from the 1960-ies, but to reveal the secret while no one was given. Scientists have established that the Sands were formed from the decomposition of volcanic rocks. The soil containing iron was the red color, but rich in aluminium blue. Other colors resulted from the melting lava and subsequent cooling at various ambient temperatures.


To explain how surreal striped color persists for many years, scientists clearly can't. Even mixed the soil layers gradually crumble once again into individual colored layers, restoring the original appearance of this unusual terrain. Another mystery is that the scenic dunapentele exposed to the heavy tropical rains, but not destroyed.


Since then, as the Chamarel opened for tourists, people from all over the world come here to see with their own eyes this miracle of nature. A favourite local souvenir is a bottle with colored sand, whose colors are not mixed together. To preserve the beauty of the Park for future generations, and among the dunes is equipped with a special observation deck from where tourists can enjoy the scenery, additionally, the dunes surrounded by a small wooden fence.

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