The most convenient flask for runners Nike Hydration Pack

Lovers of morning/evening toning Jogging know that the training was really effective, it is necessary not to forget to bring from home (except the player) a bottle of clean water. That's just burn calories at a fast pace with plastic containers at the ready is awkward. To make life easier for runners and save them from dehydration was invented by sports flask Hydration Pack.

Ergonomic container for liquid offers Emil Blanco (Blanco Emil). The concept of "most athletic" jar was designed specifically for Nike. But the information about how soon the novelty will appear (and will do) is sold under the logo of a famous brand is not yet available.

In the official online stores of Nike, you can find another device to maintain the water balance of the body a runner belt cover for small plastic bottles. But Emil, the device seemed perfect: instead of "uncomfortable" zone he invites Amateurs and professionals from the world of sports to try on the special vests Hydration Pack.

The vest can be poured more than half a liter of fluid, her weight (unlike belts) will be distributed comfortably and quietly for an athlete. In addition of ergonomics Hydration Pack offers the convenience and most of the drinking system: cool off with fresh water will be on the go and without much effort. Enough to turn a miniature pistons and make a couple of SIPS through a special plastic pipe, located at shoulder level.

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