Surrey City Centre Library is an ultra – modern library of the canadian architects

Surrey City Centre Library – new library building in the centre of Surrey (Canada), built on the investments of the citizens of the city by the project of experts from canadian architectural Studio Bing Thom Architects. Opening with impressive architecture and ultra-modern interior is planned for September 2012.

To speed up the construction process, which takes place in the framework of the Federal programme for the development of infrastructure of Canada, the architects decided to use social media and other Internet resources (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr).

In all areas of the space are deliberately kept to an informal setting. According to the authors of the project, the design developed from the need to provide an environment for reading, studying and above all, communication between the visitors.

A non-trivial architecture of the building is designed to create intrigue to attract as many guests, as well as become an iconic object a new emerging commercial area of the city.

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