What is topiary?

Topiary — are trees and shrubs, as they grew up, they constantly sheared to give them a certain shape. Based on ancient gardeners took upright evergreen shrubs and trees with fine leaves or needles.

By careful care of them formed large balls, columns, gazebos, images of animals and birds, etc. to find such green sculptures could only be in the suburban estates of the nobility and high-ranking government officials, and, of course, in the palaces of ancient rulers. It is believed that the founder of this amazing reception was looking after the lands of the Caesar of the Imperial gardener named Kalena.

The ruler was so pleased as the last figure cut a tree, he demanded that his possession was adorned only such a beautiful living sculpture. Later, this same gardener cut from a large Bush a bust of Caesar, for which he was generously endowed by the Emperor.

In the Roman Empire the master who knows the art of topiary, was estimated to cost several tens of slaves, but he was not, and was rather close, and passed on their knowledge only the best to their students. With the expansion of spread and haircut model. Each province brings something new, and soon there were even schools "figure" of art.

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