What is bionics?

Bionics — the science and technology direction in the area of drawing from nature valuable ideas and their implementation in the form of design and design solutions, and new information technologies.

The living world has evolved and evolved over many millennia. The idea of creating engineering constructions on the basis of accumulated knowledge about nature came to mind Leonardo Da Vinci. As claimed by science news, he tried to build something like an airplane, based on observing the flight of birds. This invention got the name "ornithopter".

Another invention, which we owe to nature – this is the usual "Velcro", which is used in the textile industry. Swiss engineer George De Mestral dock tired of constantly cleaning his dog of unknown plants that stick to it after a walk, and he decided to find out why the weeds stick to the hair. Examining plant De Said to have determined that it clings thanks to its small hooks. As a result, the engineer realized the importance of the made discoveries and eight years later he patented "Velcro" of Velcro, which today is widely used in the manufacture of civilian and military clothing.

As a science, bionics appeared in 1960, then on 13 September, the first Symposium on this topic.


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