Coffee soothes physical pain

Coffee use was established by scientists from the Norwegian national Institute of occupational safety and the hospital's staff at the University of Oslo, which is that one Cup of coffee before work, soothes physical pain.

The conclusions of the experts about the benefits of coffee based on the results of the experiment with the participation of 48 volunteers (22 of them were chronic pain in my neck and shoulders, and the others were healthy), who daily spent an hour and a half of intensive work (without a break) in front of the computer screen (while work was only used mouse). This work, the researchers note, as a rule, leads to pain in the neck and shoulder joint.

After analyzing the data, experts found that 19 people who drank coffee before sitting down to work on the computer within a half hour felt no pain, compared with 29 volunteers who did not consume the drink. The degree of pain was assessed using a special table.

According to scientists, the results of the study showed that coffee greatly facilitates the physical pain, however, drink does not remove it completely. "This suggests that caffeine is a good anesthetic for muscle pain, while General anesthetic effect on the body, he has not", — say the authors work. Previously, German scientists conducted a study, whose results showed that coffee lovers will not get heart disease, cancer and diabetes of the 2nd type.

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