A new look at old places from Geraldo Semproni

From fairytales we know about the Princess who couldn't sleep on a huge range of quilts and pillows due to the fact that underneath lay a single pea. But the Brazilian architect, Semproni Geraldo (Geraldo Zamproni) created these pillows, which are not terrible neither a pea, nor even the rebar and concrete!

Of course, the giant pillow red created by Geraldo Semproni not for the fact that someone was asleep. It is, rather, an element of architectural decoration, through which you can make a visually beautiful and unusual, even the most nondescript building.

These huge "pillow" was recently installed in the courtyard of the building on 14th street in new York in the framework of the exhibition Art in odd places. But even earlier, Geraldo Semproni put a huge number of similar facilities in different localities of Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Spain.

The intent of the author, red pillows need to force people to take another look at familiar places and architectural structures. The same as Tasha Lewis (Tasha Lewis), Semproni available methods the author is trying to make a grey and nondescript urban landscapes a bit more dramatic and visually expressive.

Of course, the huge red cushion will not ever stand on the streets of new York. October 15 this year or will be dismantled at the end of the exhibition Art in odd places.

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