Malaysian Diamond building: effective energy savings

Energy ASEAN centre awarded its top prize of the ASEAN Energy Awards building of an eight-story headquarters of the energy Commission Suruhanjaya Tenaga (Malaysia, Putrajaya). The decision the jury made in the first place because of energy-saving systems that promote effective use of mostly natural light, allowing you to spend only one-third of the amount of energy that is traditionally consumed a building of the same size.

Bangunan Berlian, which translated from Malay means "diamond house", named so because of its unique shape and placed across the surface of photovoltaic solar panels that generate about 10% of the energy required for the building. The established system of collecting rainwater allows you to save 70 – 80% of energy.

The shape of the building in the form of an inverted pyramid provides more rooftop space to accommodate solar panels, but the earth is more space for greenery. The building is a large Central atrium, which allows you to adjust the natural lighting and even depending on the angle of the incident sunlight.

Project diamond building was designed by the creative team of architectural Studio NR from the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpu, and led a group of Thai architect Dr. Soontorn Boonyatikam. Consulting services in the design and engineering provided by local specialists.

Building Bangunan Berlian able to samosatenus from direct sunlight through the use of spectrally selective glass and the dynamic dimming system. Another feature Bangunan Berlian — integrated cooling system based on the use of special coils built into the concrete floor plate, which supports the temperature between 19-21 degrees Celsius.

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