Led light bulb-Orchid

Orchids since ancient times was considered a symbol of love and beauty and grown their ardent admirers, who adore the elegance of these beautiful flowers. One of these fans is a designer, Yongjae Kim (YoungJae Kim) who created this device, named after the flower Orchid Lamp (lamp-Orchid).


According to the author followed the typical for Orchid tall lamp extends upward but also with the equally peculiar Orchid aesthetic easily falls over a work space.

This led bulb is a single strip of stainless steel, covered with leather and an independent power unit that contains the power button. These two elements are connected by a short cord.

The author created this table lamp is specially for office employees, therefore this design is made in a minimalist style and the most compact.


However, if from a functional point of view to this concept, no complaints, after all, nine led lights, distributed along the length of the "stem" needs to be good at your lighting problem in relation to appearance, there are doubts. Looking at this design, it is unlikely that someone will come to mind that the flower acted as the inspiration for its creation. Maybe the creation of this lamp and the author was inspired by the Orchid, but it looks like this whole design is not too sophisticated and elegant. It is more like a hunting knife tucked into a leather scabbard, and if you use a lamp, not in the city office, and a maximum in the small house of the Forester or other appropriate interior design. There it will look much more appropriate.



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