Brazilian Iguazu national Park

Iguazu national Park is a national Park of Brazil and a world heritage site by UNESCO. Park rose to prominence in connection with the waterfall (part of which lies in Argentina) and the beautiful wildlife (especially large variety of birds), which includes rare and endangered species.
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So attractive and mysterious sounding for us foreign word Iguazu in the Guarani language means just "big water". This is the name given to the river which is now the natural border between Argentina and Brazil. Strange as it may seem, but it originates near the Atlantic coast, and carries its waters into the interior of the coast. Falling down from sixty meters of the edge of the natural plateau, the river forms a magnificent waterfall. And plateau, curved 2.7 kilometres the form of a Crescent, the water falls directly into the canyon formed. Plants and rocks dividing the river by as much as 275 of the water flow. The greatest height of the drop of water reaches 82 meters, the so-called Throat of the Devil.
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As each of the sights, worthy of attention, the waterfall has its own legend. God local forests once planned to marry a local beauty, however, she floated in a canoe down the stream with your favorite. Making angry at first God cut the river, and then the lovers died, thus falling into the abyss. The girl turned into rock, and her lover – in a tree.
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The Park infrastructure is relatively extensive. At the bottom of the canyons made a few bridges, the tourists were able to enjoy the flow of water to the full. Iguazu national Park in addition to walking tours to the falls and also offers car. Even the waterfall can be enjoyed from the helicopter. Tourists can float on an inflatable boat on the river Iguazu. The trees in the Park everyone can climb like a real monkey – this is between the trees stretched platform and cables for jumping.
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The average daily temperature in January is about +32ºС, and in July +22 ° C.

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