House-dryer for Pets

Humanization of the world has long passed, today people spend on their Pets as much money as they care to spend on their children, spoil them with exquisite delicacies and put next to him at the dinner table, they will huge houses and incredible salaries. Probably each of us once in life wanted to be born a cat or a dog and have a happy and trouble-free life.

This house-dryer pet Dryer Dog House by designer Lucy Chang (Lucy Jung) just the kind of thing that I love restless, rich, zhivotnymi. It is designed for non-contact drying of dogs and cats after taking aromatic baths in pet grooming and in home conditions, because the author of the project believes that animals don't really like them dried human hands, which too frequently assail their delicate coat.

However, if the mere sight of this device become apparent many cons. First, when an animal finds inside, a feeling that he was placed in the microwave, and it may suffer. Secondly, despite the fact that the developed two versions of the device (for home and pet grooming), yet in the house it occupies too much space, given the low frequency of its use. In addition, despite its safety, it is difficult to imagine an animal that is not afraid of this strange for him closed space and the process of drying.

This house-the dryer is created from environmentally friendly plastic and has a lockable shutter of yellow corrugated fabric that allows you to quickly open the instrument and release the pet if it is cared. As a solution to the problem of large occupied space, the designer proposes to use his creation as a sleeping place when it is not being used for its intended purpose for drying. Additional improvements could also be noted the need to equip the device with time control, to avoid overheating the animal, which can lead to heat stroke.



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