Stop the time

Time runs, flies, life literally flies at us from under his nose. Sometimes you want a little slow down time and enjoy the moment. Probably want many people from all corners of our planet. And now can they have the opportunity.

German artist Lorenz Potthast (Lorenz Potthast) has developed an amazing concept that can literally stop time. This concept is called the Decelerator Helmet (Retarder), and it allows the user to perceive the world in slow motion, and at an accelerated pace.

Using a small computer built into the helmet, the Decelerator is based on the video signal of the camera to slow down the flow of what one sees through the helmet using the broadcast camera for the internal display. This ensures that it is, the illusion that time slowed down. The helmet is also equipped with an external screen, which simultaneously displays the same video that a user sees on the inside.

Created is like a giant mirror ball device on the basis of conventional Cycling helmet, which belong battery the netbook and head-up display. All this is clothed in an aluminum sphere, which in turn holds the camera and an external display. Included with the helmet also includes a remote control with which you can change the playback speed, making it more or less.

This helmet was created to give people a little more information about the world around him and his relation to it, helping people to better perceive their daily lives and to do the right thing. It is possible that he will even be able to find a practical application or just use as entertainment. Most importantly, don't try to use it the way.

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