Man-made tornado and produces electricity

Tornadoes have tremendous destructive force, they are extremely dangerous. Yet it is impossible to curb natural tornadoes, but turns out to be an artificially created vortex can bring many benefits. New principles of energy production demonstrates the invention of a canadian engineer Louis Michaud (Louis Michaud), called the atmospheric vortex engine Atmospheric Vortex Engine, AVE).

The vortex is propelled by the hot air in a circular functional station. Jet streams occur because of temperature differences and form a powerful, but controlled tornado. He, in turn, is used to rotate one or more wind turbines that produce electricity. Artificially generated tornado is not dangerous, as it can be stopped at any time by the cessation of supply to a station of warm air.

The assurances of the inventor, his system does not produce any greenhouse gases and does not require storage of energy, as it can be quickly turned on and off at any moment when needed, regardless of weather conditions or other random and periodic factors.

According to forecasts Michaud, the potential cost per kilowatt-hour of electricity produced by his installation will be about 3 cents. "The power of a tornado is well known," says the inventor. "My work has established the principles by which you can control and use that power to produce clean energy on an unprecedented scale".

Of course, perpetual motion cannot be created. Atmospheric vortex installation required to create a tornado of electricity and thermal energy. While the inventor uses to create temporary Autonomous vortex heat generator, which may be a heater or water vapor. Over time, however, it can be replaced by a "green" source, for example, it is possible to use excess heat industrial facilities or warm sea water.

For the design and development of their project, Louis Michaud founded the company AVEtec Energy Corporation. According to her calculations, functional station with a diameter of 100 meters can generate 200 MW of energy, which is comparable to traditional coal-fired power plants.

However, this scale yet in the future. A realistic goal for yourself AVEtec Energy Corporation considers the construction of 8-meter prototype, creating a vortex flow to rotate the turbine with a diameter of 1 meter. It will be built in collaboration with Lamberski College (Lambton College in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. A grant for the construction of the prototype, the company has allocated Fund through the Thiel Foundation Breakout Labs program.


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